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Blue/Red Light Flashing Meaning

About the light indicator. When the indicator is red, the device is charging. It will be off when fully charged. When the device is operating, the indicator is blue. When the SD card is plugged into the device and turned on, the blue light flashes slowly to indicate that the camera is working. When the device mode is switched to the mode that only uses the taillights, the indicator remains blue and bright. A flashing blue light indicates that the battery level is below 25% and that the device should be charged otherwise it will shut down within about one hour time.

Please read the installation instructions carefully to avoid damage to the bracket and cam loss during use.

  • Cam requires the file format of SD card to be FAT32
  • Support Sd Card with storage capacity of 16 to 128G
  • If you need to format the SD card into FAT32, please press and hold the Switch/Mode button in the shutdown state until the warning light is on
  • SD cards of 16G to 128G are compatible with the cam
  • The cam can be used to record videos in HD 1080P. To complete the recording, you must use an original Micro SD card with high-speed writing CLASS 10

 Capacity of SD Card

Recording Time Capacity










If the SD card is full after a long time, it will automatically replace the earliest video one by one.

When the device is detected to be in a crash or accident scenario, it will keep recording for 1 hour before shutting down. After the device is turned on, you are allowed to click the switch button to change the following modes

  1. The camera works, the warning light flashes
  2. The camera works, the warning light is off
  3. The camera works, the warning light is permanently on
  4. The camera is off, the warning light is on

In mode 2, the motion camera is able to work for 9.5 hours depending on environment temperature. 

With WATERPROOF IPX5, the device can be used for a long time when raining heavily. Please make sure the waterproof covers of the Micro USB and SD card slot are sealed properly. 


Instructions for Use

  1. Switch ON/OFF

When the device is off, briefly press the switch button once to start it. When the device is on, press and hold the switch button for 3 seconds to turn it off.

2. Switching modes

When the device is on, briefly press the switch button to change modes.


When connecting to a computer to charge

The Type-C interface is used to connect the device to a computer using a USB cable for chargin. The indicator remains red and and blue during chargin and turns red when the device is fully charged. 

When charging directly with a charger using the cable and an adapter

During charging, the indicator light turns red. When the charging is complete, the indicator light goes out. A charging time of 2h30min should supply about 8 hours of operating in sports camera mode. 

4. How to Copy a Video

You can unplug the SD card from the device and copy the video from the SD card using the card reader. Video files are named according to the recording time and date. You can use the Type-C interface on the bottom of the device to connect to the computer through the USB cable while the device is OFF. The device will be recognized by the computer and the video files will be copied directly from the SD card to the computer.

5. How to modify time

Here are the steps to change the time and date:

  • Plug in the SD car (a new SD card is best to ensure proper functioning of the card memory and settings) and turn it on. Confirm that the indicator on the cam is blue and flashes, then turn OFF the device.
  • Connect the device that is OFF the computer or plug the SD card into the computer via the USB cable. 
  • View the SD card from the PC and open a file called Setting.txt
  1. Once the file is opened, the first line is the one you need to look at. For example, if you need to set the time to 11:35:45, May 1st, 2021 then you need to proceed as follows:
  2. Replace "N" with Y
  3. 2021.01.01.00:00:00 is modified to 2021.05.01.11:35:45, namely Y2021.05.01.11:35:45
  4. Save the file, put the SD card into the device and turn it on and the time will be set.

After the time is updated, the text file will restore the original content. When you record the video again, check whether time is changed. If not, please read the steps mentioned above carefully and redo it. 

6. How to modify the Cam settings

Under the "TIME" settings line, four additional code lines are present showing respectively "FileFormat", "Resolution", "Stamp" and "Recordtime".

  • FileFormat: set the file format of the video. Leave as is unless you have any special requirement for your own advanced knowledge of video file formatting. It is recommended to use TS format, this way even if the machine is seriously damaged and shuts down unexpectedly, the video recording before shut down will not be lost.
  • Resolution: Set the resolution wanted for the video. Leave as is to ensure the most battery saving/image quality balance for most uses, applying mode 0 for 1080P @30FPS.
  • Stamp: Set whether you want to see the company logo or not on your records. We appreciate if you leave it and share your videos with our community :)
  • Recordtime: Set the recording time length of each video by choosing Mode 0, 1, 2 or 3.
7. About the indicator
When charging using the charging cord, the indicator light is red. Once the battery is fully charged, the light will be off.
For any additional questions, please contact our Customer Relations Team by sending us a message through the Contact Us Page on