About the DVR80

TOOO CYCLING ™ DVR80 is a safety rear view camera for cyclists adaptable to all bikes seat posts on the market which films the environment behind your back when you ride and offers a fully integrated red tail tail that is visible from other road users from over 1 mile away and offers 9.5 Hours of Recording Battery Life.

TOOO CYCLING ™ DVR80 Camera & Light device provides recording of audio & video HD 1080P 30-60 FPS footage files that are automatically protected in the event of a crash thanks to its integrated technology, thus ensuring the collection of traffic accident evidence to allow for Law Enforcement & Insurance decision making.

The camera light sensor offers High Definition footage even in very low light conditions thanks to the quality of the SONY IMX 307 CMOS camera sensor.


Watch the DVR80 in action and see how we are able to make license plates, car details, voice and sounds and even faces clear enough to be seen and heard


How do we compare to the current market offer?

We do not want to enter into direct brand to brand comparison. We believe in business ethics and we are fair players! Our product, even at this very early launch stage is better than the biggest name's product on the global market in the following way :

  • We are entering at a lower price point ($50 cheaper) with higher quality features. 
  • We have a 9.5 Hours video & audio recording time at 1080p @ 30fps thanks to our battery (additional 4h30min of recording time than competitor!). 
  • Our low light image quality is higher thanks to our lens sensor (40% neater and clearer image at any darkness environment point). 
  • The tail light is 60% brighter and can be seen up to 1 mile away (About 500 yards further than competitors).
  • No need to step down your bike to switch recording/light modes thanks to our integrated vibration motor that enables your finger tips to feel what setting you are on while riding. One single button does it all. 
  •  And the main feature is the type of file format that we use with our technology that instantly saves the ongoing file at the moment of a violent crash with no loss of data and no possibility of editing the file. It is pure evidence by sound and image. 

We built a Security Camera for Cyclists, not only a Sports Camera.

TOOO Cycling is the technological innovator behind DVR80. Launching on Kickstarter on December 15th, 2021 DVR80 is a "cycling dashcam" and tail light . It keeps an eye on your back when you ride, recording events you can't see and saving the sound and footage of it so you can share those moments.  

We compiled all of the best bits from the market competitors and made a better, more reliable product for real life scenarios when serious consequences are involved. TOOO Cycling brings to the cycling community the best bike dashcam and the most visible tail light that a road or off-road bike rider will ever find, and all in one finished product.


As an urban bike commuter  Have the means to defend yourself against the incivility of other road users or in the event of a traffic accident while commuting with your bike: accidents, endangering others, insults, theft , assaults, hit and run are so many events to which cyclists are sadly exposed on public roads during leisure walks or during daily trips to the workplace. Proof by image and sound is a lever of defense to strengthen your security in the event of a problem and justify in front of the representatives of the law that your responsibility is not engaged.


As a Sports Racing Cyclist  Your team will benefit from a dynamic and fully-immersed point of view thanks to the footage collected by the DVR80 during trainings and races. This will help improve your team's cohesion, technique and will contribute to the full analysis of the peloton's behavior during trainings. In addition during races, the use of our DVR80 will help apprehend other riders behaviors behind your back.


As an eBike owner  Make sure to have the ultimate cycling dashcam and the most visible tail light when riding your high value electric bike. If ever involved in riding accident, be certain the DVR80 will have your back and provide the evidence to bring the real facts and context to your insurer and to the police. 


TOOO CYCLING ™ DVR80 is the ultimate safety camera for cyclists adaptable to all bikes on the market which films the environment behind your back when you ride.


What about Image Stability during rides ?

Image stabilization is a variable of a few things: Frames per second, Imagery Sensor and Mounting of the camera module. 

  • About image quality, we record at 1080p @60fps, which is the norm for all sport cameras since it allows to almost vanish all motion blur. 
  • Second, Imagery Sensor will determine the ability of the micro-controller to process images without any loss of quality, and at best, improve image quality from the naked-eye vision. We use the latest version of the SONY IMX307 CMOS Image Sensor with the TOOO Cycling DVR80, which is the top-shelf image sensor available for on-board vehicle footage recording, being widely used in cars, trucks, airplanes or industrial CCTV cameras. 
  • Finally, the quality of the mounting that attaches the camera to the vehicle is key and the position of the camera on the vehicle is also an important factor. Hence, we decided to create a seat post mounting bracket for both conventional and Aero seat posts since that place on any bike will be the least subject to riding vibration (since it is the closest to the balancing point of the whole bike, the radius of vibration is the smallest there). 

So all in all, we did our homework and image stability won't disappoint you!

The DVR80 is built Tough.

Why is it not offering Live sharing via Wifi or Bluetooth to an external device ?

We want our DVR80 to be simple to operate and reduce device misuse as much as possible since we want it to be the most reliable bicycle camera lamp in the market. Therefore, on the DVR80 we decided to not integrate an ANT+ or Bluetooth technology. The device is controlled with one single button that engages a vibration motor when the user presses it with his/her fingertips to switch modes. The device's light indicator shows the status of battery (Blue=charged, Red=Low battery, Flashing Blue= Recording). Simple and easy to use to ensure footage is recorded and ensure no one misuses the device. Having a live streaming of the footage represents potential loss of footage data and hence reduces at this stage the reliability of our product. We are developing a front camera with a high power light that will feature an app with instant video streaming to your Iphone or Android.

Design Evolution and Prototyping


From the 3D model to the real product. We make it all.
Earliest Stage Prototype of the DVR80. Testing the battery, first generation lens and sensors. Back in 2019 in our office in Hong Kong.
Second stage of our prototyping testing case material and overall aesthetics of our DVR80 with the use of our first investment in a 4-piece plastic injection mold in mid-2020. Later we invested in a new 12-piece injection mold that helped us reduce cost per unit thanks to economies of scale in production, calling this management method "rationalization".
In mid-2021, we produced our first mass order of microcontroller boards for our first bulk order for the Singapore market. The DVR80 in the way you see it today was born.
First generation camera lens (2020) and Second Generation (2021 & Production).